Scene from Only Murders in the Building

Brand Insights

OMITB Gets to a Better State With New Season 3 Sponsors

Season 3 of the show secures 17 new sponsors, expanding engagement through creative integrations and media campaigns.

Nike Jordan tank top in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

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Brands Shifting Media Buys Into Product Placement, Study Finds

With ad-avoidance at all-time highs, brands will shift around 10% of their media budget into product placement.


Brand Insights

Aston Martin Wants to Win and to Sell Cars, Too

“Drive to Survive" and the Formula 1 effect are helping expand Aston Martin's market share.

Aaron Frank + Video Eyebrow

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ASK BENlabs: Product Placement In Movies And TV: The Three Big Questions Answered

Aaron Frank answers the three biggest questions he gets from brands that are considering Product Placement.

Brand Insights

Diving Into “The Bear” with Prop Master Laura Roeper

The Bear is known for its authenticity and the props in it are part of that.

Cooks in the kitchen in The Bear

General Info

Every Single Knife Featured in ‘The Bear’ Season 2, And Where to Buy Them

Delve into the symbolism behind the knives in The Bear, where each blade represents a chef's journey.

Wayne from Wayne's World holding a Pepsi can.

General Info

It’s Okay to Say Product Placement

There are a lot of terms out there that are used in place of product placement - so what's the right one?

Person choosing what to watch in from of a tv

Content Trends

2023: The Dawn of Shoppable Content

Shoppable content is poised to revolutionize advertising by creating a seamless path from content to purchase.

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