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CHEETOS La Flor Mas Bella

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Engaging Latinx Consumers – A Handbook

Engaging Latinx Consumers: Building Authentic Connections Through Entertainment Partnerships, a new marketing handbook.

Scene from Suits (Netflix)

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Linear TV Viewing Drops, Streaming Hits Record High

Broadcast and Cable TV viewership hits new low in July 2023, while streaming services surge, according to Nielsen's report.

Artificial Intelligence

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‘CMOs have 5 years to adapt’: how brands are navigating AI in a changing content landscape

Cannes 2023 highlights the pivotal role of AI in modern marketing.

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2023: The Dawn of Shoppable Content

Shoppable content is poised to revolutionize advertising by creating a seamless path from content to purchase.

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Looking at DEI in Hollywood: the 2023 Luminate Entertainment Diversity Progress Report

The entertainment industry has been working to include more inclusivity and representation in its content. Is it working?