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Cooks in the kitchen in The Bear

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Every Single Knife Featured in ‘The Bear’ Season 2, And Where to Buy Them

Delve into the symbolism behind the knives in The Bear, where each blade represents a chef's journey.

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The Success of Disney’s “Hamilton” & What That Means Now

Could Hamilton be the newest holiday classic film?

Wayne from Wayne's World holding a Pepsi can.

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It’s Okay to Say Product Placement

There are a lot of terms out there that are used in place of product placement - so what's the right one?

Eggo waffles featured in Stranger Things

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Old TVs displayed in an exhibition

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10 Takeaways from the 2023-2024 Upfronts: Few Celebs, Lots of Questions

In the months ahead, prepare for an onslaught of reality and game shows as networks pivot away from scripted content during the writers’ strike.