What was in the Lemon La Croix can in Greg X Darwin ‘Succession’ scene? Internet reacts to the incident

LaCroix Sparkling Water cans in Succession

There hardly goes a week without Succession raising some eyebrows or generating some laughs. Currently in its fourth and final season, the new episode of Succession followed up on the previous week’s debacle and the election result. In this process, it also touched some sensitive ground for the siblings and some funny ones in its signature offbeat way.

Titled America Decides, the May 14th episode heavily focused on the election and the inhouse voting analyst, Darwin, whose attempts at getting a fair, analytical result are constantly thwarted by the whimsical CEBros, Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Roman (Kieran Culkin).

But one of the most intriguing things about this whole ordeal is perhaps how La Croix, the popular sparkling water brand, became a trending word in the past few hours. Maybe this had to do with cousin Greg and another of his massive slip-ups.

In essence, a lot happened with Darwin (played by Adam Godley) over the episode, but the focal point here is the lemon La Croix. So when Darwin was deep into his work, Greg mistakenly got wasabi in Darwin’s eyes, much to the shock of everyone around.

But the real thing came a moment later when Greg tried to fix it by pouring lemon-flavored La Croix in Darwin’s eyes, which evidently made matters worse, as was indicated by a very loud Tom (Matthew MacFadyen).

This drew a lot of reactions from fans of Successionwho were won over once again by Cousin Greg’s antics.

Speaking about this scene to Vulture, Adam Godley said:

It was a riot. Nick and Matthew, they’re just so funny together. The way that Jesse has organized shooting those things, they’re just coming up and giving you little bombs of alternate jokes to drop in the middle of the scene....I don’t want to say; it’s trade secrets. [Laughs.] But no, there was nothing actually sting-y put in my eyes at all. It was all quite safe. They rigged up special cans of whatever that soda was. A nice, pure mineral water.

Adam Godley

Apart from the jokes and the funny scenes that dominated this episode, it also took the plot forward by quite a few strides, with the show nearing its end. This episode also worked well to raise the stakes for the individual characters and increased the difficulty of the dynamics.

Succession will conclude with the tenth episode on May 28, 2023. Meanwhile, all the previous episodes are available for streaming on HBO MAX.

This article was originally published by SportsKeeda and was written by Souray Chakraborty.

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