Ruby Moshlak

Production Insights

Production Profiles: Ruby Moshlak, Prop Mistress

Listen as Ruby Moshlak talks about being a prop mistress for some of your favorite shows.

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Barbra Robin

Case Study

Production Profiles: Barbra Robin, Brandstory

Listen as Barbra Robin discusses all things product placement in the first of our Production Profiles series.

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Aaron Frank + Video Eyebrow

Brand Insights

ASK BENlabs: Product Placement In Movies And TV: The Three Big Questions Answered

Aaron Frank answers the three biggest questions he gets from brands that are considering Product Placement.

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Bob Marley Headshot

Case Study

Bob Marley’s Meteoric Rise to Fame Documented in ‘One Love’ First Trailer: Watch

Bob Marley's inspiring journey comes to life in "Bob Marley: One Love," a film collaboration with the Marley family, set to hit the theaters in 2024.

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