Production Profiles: Ruby Moshlak, Prop Mistress

Listen as Ruby Moshlak talks about being a prop mistress for some of your favorite shows.

Ruby Moshlak

Welcome to the second of’s Production Profiles!
This is a series of interviews done with members of the product community. We want to highlight the incredible people behind the scenes who help shape the story.

Ruby Moshlak is a Prop Mistress whose work includes Power, Godfather of Harlem, and most recently, The Equalizer TV show.

Sitting with Ruby is like sitting with that amazing aunt you have and love to see. She is soft-spoken but strong-willed and that will helps her to do her job as a property mistress that much better.

Watch the video above to hear Ruby talk about what she loves about her job, how she feels about product placement, and why she uses the term “prop mistress” instead of prop master.

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