Production Profiles: Barbra Robin, Brandstory

Listen as Barbra Robin discusses all things product placement in the first of our Production Profiles series.

Barbra Robin

Welcome to the first of’s Production Profiles!
This is a series of interviews done with members of the product community. We want to highlight the incredible people behind the scenes who help shape the story.


Barbra Robin, co-founder and managing partner of Brandstory, has been in the industry for years. Her previous roles include EVP at The CW Network and VP at Warner Media. She has worked on many big-name shows and is rich in information and insight.

In Part I, Barbra talks about how she explains to people what she does for a living and explains a bit about how product placement works.

In Part II, she goes into more detail about working with agencies and brands, and why it’s important to get in the door early when it comes to seeing your brand on-screen.

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