July Valuation Spotlight – YouGov PQS

Dominic Prince from YouGov shares insights into the valuation of recent product placements.

TX Blended Whiskey in Ginny & Georgia

Hi folks! This piece kicks off a regular series of features breaking down some recent product placements. We’ll be using U.S. audience and valuation data from YouGov PQS on a variety of different product placements to give more insight into their performance and what drove their valuations.

In this edition, we’ve got product placements from Ginny & Georgia on Netflix, a pair from How I Met Your Father on Hulu, and Star Trek: Picard on Paramount+.

TX Blended Whiskey in Ginny & Georgia

TX Whiskey, Ginny & Georgia S2Ep2 – $138,053

TX Whiskey scored 26 seconds of exposure in the second episode of the second season of Ginny & Georgia, which was released in January. The placement has so far been seen over 15 million times in the U.S., achieving an average Placement Quality Score of 2.90 across 10 exposures and driving $138,053 of Net Placement Value to date.

$44,145 of this Net Placement Value came from a 5-second hero exposure at the end of the scene it was featured in (pictured above), where Georgia Miller pours herself and her acquaintance a fresh glass of the whiskey before placing the bottle on the table in front of them both. This exposure received a maximum 5.00 Placement Quality Score, driven both by the location/prominence of the product and the positive association that comes with the character’s usage.

For more information about how YouGov Placement Quality Scoring works, click here.

Sun Chips in How I Met Your Father

Sun Chips, How I Met Your Father S2Ep5 – $50,599

Sun Chips has so far generated $50,599 of Net Placement Value in the US from their feature in season two episode five of the Hulu hit series How I Met Your Father, which was first aired on Hulu on the 21st of February.

This placement has been seen over 7 million times already, with Sun Chips even scoring a verbal mention and some positive association from Jesse Walker, who notes that he specifically requested the chips for the party. The exposure containing the verbal mention had a Placement Quality Score of 4.61, though it has only driven $3,490 of Net Placement Value due to its short length.

The bulk of the value for Sun Chips was driven by the product being highly prominent in the final nine seconds of the scene. This nine-second exposure had a Placement Quality Score of 3.64 thanks to its significant length and has driven $25,191 of value for Sun Chips to date.

Chosen Foods Avocado Oil in How I Met Your Father

Chosen Foods Avocado Oil, How I Met Your Father S2Ep9 – $42,239

Next up is Chosen Foods Avocado Oil, also featured in How I Met Your Father. They were present throughout a scene between Hilary Duff’s character Sophie and a potential love interest, Robert, in season two’s ninth episode. The placement has driven $42,239 of Net Placement Value in the U.S. to date.

At 27 seconds, Chosen Foods received seven seconds of exposure more than Sun Chips did for their placement, but drove less value. Why? Because the bottle only occupied a small portion of the screen and their location/prominence scores were low due to the bottle mostly being in the background of the shots, rather than the foreground.

All this led to an average Placement Quality Score of 1.82 for Chosen Foods across their ten exposures. This is somewhat to be expected with products of this kind, and thanks to the strong audience for How I Met Your Father, the placement has still driven strong value for Chosen Foods.

Jameson Whiskey in Star Trek

Jameson Whiskey, Star Trek: Picard S3Ep4 – $24,150

The last placement in our product placement spotlight this month is Jameson Whiskey’s feature in the fourth episode of Star Trek: Picard’s third season.

During a scene at the bar on the ship, Picard and Jack share a glass of Jameson Whiskey whilst rekindling their relationship. The exposure has been worth $24,150 for Jameson in the U.S. already, coming from 46 seconds of brand exposure – the highest of the four placements we’ve looked at.

So, with such long total exposure, why has it driven the least value of the featured placements?

Well, perhaps due to it being the last of the shows we’ve looked at to release, with the featured episode airing on March 9, the placement has so far been viewed a little more than 1.5 million times. That’s significantly less than the other placements.

The relatively low audience (at least in comparison to the other shows we’ve featured – cue our periodic reminder that 1.5 million exposures for an ad is extremely impressive) means that, while the placement received a very respectable average PQS score of 3.12 thanks to some high prominence shots and a good chunk of positive association, the gross media value was significantly lower than for the other featured shows. Thus, the Net Placement Value was too.

If this placement had been seen by as many people as How I Met Your Father, for example, it would have been worth over a quarter of a million dollars.

That’s all for this edition. We’ll see you next time. As always, to read more about YouGov PQS click here.

YouGov is an international online research data and analytics technology group with over 24 million registered panelists worldwide. Its latest product, YouGov PQS, focuses specifically on helping the product placement industry to understand and value its presence in streaming shows. 

YouGov PQS unlocks new possibilities for the product placement industry. It combines a proprietary scoring model with streaming audiences to value product placements, as well as providing insights into the beliefs, habits, and opinions of the audience. 

Productplacement.com will be regularly publishing YouGov PQS data, giving insights into the performance of some of the most notable recent product placements to hit streaming platforms. ProductPlacement.com is not affiliated with YouGov. Information is provided for educational purposes only and does not constitute endorsement.

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