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This month's placement valuations focus on the hit Netflix show, Queer Eye.

After last month’s look at placements from TX Whiskey, Sun Chips, and Chosen Foods, this month we’re looking at three brands that featured in Season 7 of the Netflix hit show Queer Eye, which released in the U.S. on May 12th.

Some background on Queer Eye: data from YouGov Stream indicates that the show’s seventh season has already received more than 40 million views in the U.S., meaning an average viewership of 5.7 million for each of the series’ seven episodes. Through 30 days it achieved more than 30 million views.

This figure is lower than previous seasons, with indications that interest in the show may be starting to wane as Queer Eye enters its 6th year. That being said, it’s still one of Netflix’s premiere titles and even the latest season’s “low” 30-day viewership figures put it on par with the likes of the third season of Ted Lasso and the first season of The Summer I Turned Pretty.

It’s also fair to say that those who do watch Queer Eye watch it avidly. 55% of viewers binge the show, which is defined as watching at least three episodes in a row. 7 in 10 viewers are female, while over one-third (35%) of viewers are aged 30-44.

The themes of the show particularly favor product placements in the electronics, automobile, clothing and accessories, and household goods categories. This makes it a title with a strong overlap of both its category availability for product placement and its audience’s propensity to buy from those categories.

That is to say, the things which Queer Eye can facilitate placements in are handily also among the things that the viewership’s demographic is most likely to buy. So while some potential early signs of waning interest may be something to keep an eye on moving forward, the show still presents a great opportunity for brands looking to get their products in front of engaged audiences.

Let’s look at three brands that managed to do just that.

GMC ($249,764) (S7Ep4)

GMC featured it’s Yukon model in episode four of the series, generating $249,764 in U.S. Net Placement Value for the brand. As is customary, the Fab Five are seen entering the participant’s town by car as they’re briefed on their life and why they’re in need of help.

Shots of the exterior of the vehicle were valued at $19,689 from 7 seconds of exposure, while shots of the interior were valued at a significant $230,075 from 75 seconds of exposure.

Unbranded shots of car interiors are generally only considered product placements once a branded shot has first been established and, fortunately for GMC, a shot of the exterior featured first and set the context for the following shots of the interior of the car. The placement had a high 4.80 Placement Quality Score (scores run from 0.00 to 5.00) thanks mostly to its large size on screen and the positive association that comes with character usage.

As a brand that featured in several episodes of the show, GMC will be very happy with that return.

Queer Eye Yukon

Dyson ($53,740) (S7Ep1)

Dyson featured one of its vacuums in the first episode of the season. Bobby, the resident interior design expert, helps the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity to clear up their house, enlisting the brothers of frat to help. The vacuum receives several exposures, including some showing use-as-intended, on its way to generating $53,470 in Net Placement Value.

Dyson scored a Placement Quality Score of 3.81 for the feature, which totaled 22 seconds across 5 exposures. Positive Association stemming from the implied “brand of choice” alongside character usage was the primary driver behind their score.

Queer Eye Dyson Vacuum

Microsoft ($39,885) (S7Ep7)

Microsoft saw 14 seconds of exposure for its Surface Studio computer in the final episode of the season, which saw the hero Michael sit down with Bobby Berk to write a personal statement for his Masters course on the computer.

The Surface Studio received a Placement Quality Score of 4.51 across nine separate exposures, as it generated $39,885 in Net Placement Value for Microsoft. The location of the product placement as well as its high positive association helped it to this impressive Placement Quality Score.

That’s it for this month, folks. Have any questions or want to learn more about valuing your product placements with YouGov? Click here to explore or feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn.

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