Looking at DEI in Hollywood: the 2023 Luminate Entertainment Diversity Progress Report

The entertainment industry has been working to include more inclusivity and representation in its content. Is it working?

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The entertainment industry has been working to have more inclusivity and representation in its content. Is it working? In a recent study from Luminate, an entertainment data and insights company, the answer is yes… and no.

In the 2023 Entertainment Diversity Progress Report, which focuses on scripted, live-action content from the US, UK, and Canada, they examine the representation in front of and behind the cameras. Though the study looks at gender, race/cultural identity, and the representation of those with disabilities, this year’s report makes a point of acknowledging intersectionality, as well: “The idea that each individual is defined by multiple identities across race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, ability, etc., is a reality that seems to be increasingly taken into consideration by Hollywood’s content creators, allowing films and series to better explore and reflect the nuances of the human experience.”

Interesting points include:

  • While women are still underrepresented, the horror genre has been an area of incredible improvement.
  • The LGBTQ+ community is suffering across the industry, whether you are looking at series or film, talent or storylines, before or behind the camera.
  • Though available foreign-language content is increasing, the representation of various cultures in domestic casting is not doing as well.
  • Those with disabilities are even less represented than most other groups, though this could be attributed to the privacy that often surrounds this topic.

We encourage you to read the entire report, which can be found here.

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