2023 State of Product Placement Report

The State of Product Placement report is here & full of relevant information about consumer & marketer trends in product placement.

Here at ProductPlacement.com, our business is to educate the industry on all things product placement. We are always interested in understanding how product placement is viewed by both marketers and consumers. So we were excited to share that BENlabs recently launched a study of US consumers and high-level marketers to get their take on the role product placement has in reaching audiences and the opportunity at hand for marketers who leverage product placement marketing as a strategy. And what BENlabs research has found is interesting:

  • 86% of U.S. marketers who have tried product placement rate it highly and 81% consider it to be an effective marketing channel.
  • 93% of U.S. marketers view product placement as an effective means to drive cultural relevance and 91% see it as effective in reaching non-ad-supported audiences.
  • 75% of U.S. consumers have searched for a product or brand online after seeing it in a TV show or film with 57% going on to make a purchase
  • And so much moreā€¦

Click here to gain access to the full 2023 State of Product Placement report.

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