Noteworthy Placements – November 7, 2023

Top Product Placements This Week: From Heinz in Quiz Lady to Carhartt's Cameo in Frasier.

In a world where on-screen moments are meticulously crafted, the art of product placement has evolved into a narrative device that can subtly influence the cultural zeitgeist. From the high-speed escapades in “Loki” to the digital realms of “Upload,” the past week has unveiled a series of brand integrations that are as clever as they are conspicuous. Product Placement Blog, the definitive database for product placement and brand tracking in the entertainment industry, has curated a list of the most noteworthy brand appearances in the latest movies and TV shows. This lineup isn’t just about spotting logos and labels; it’s a fascinating dive into how products are becoming integral to storytelling, character development, and setting the scene in our favorite fictional worlds. Let’s unwrap the tapestry of products that have seamlessly woven themselves into the narrative fabric, leaving us with memorable moments that resonate beyond the screen.

Samsung desktop monitor featured in Upload

Samsung x Upload

Samsung Curves Its Way into “Upload” (S03E05)

Season 3 of “Upload” isn’t just about the digital afterlife; it’s also showcasing the sleek curvature of Samsung PC monitors. As characters interact with the futuristic technology, Samsung’s monitors stand out, offering a subtle nod to high-end consumer electronics in a world beyond.

Tecate x Power Book IV

“Power Book IV” Toasts to Tecate (S02E09)

Nothing says relaxation and camaraderie like a cold beer, and Tecate takes center stage in “Power Book IV: Force.” With the iconic Tecate beer bottles making frequent appearances throughout the episode, the brand is a silent yet impactful presence amid the drama.

Chosen Foods x Bosch: Legacy

Chosen Foods Drizzles into “Bosch: Legacy” (S02E08)

“Bosch: Legacy” gives a significant shout-out to Chosen Foods 100% Pure Avocado Oil, with a camera close-up that’s hard to overlook. This culinary brand garners its own moment in the spotlight, emphasizing its place in the characters’ kitchen – and potentially, the viewers’.

Heinz x Quiz Lady

Heinz Crafts a Condiment Monument in “Quiz Lady”

The “Quiz Lady” movie constructs a unique tribute to Heinz Ketchup, not through dialogue but through a visually striking pyramid made entirely of Heinz bottles. This creative placement leaves a lasting impression and a strong brand recall.

Diet Coke x Nyad

“Nyad” Swims with Diet Coke

In the inspirational movie “Nyad,” Jodie Foster’s character frequently enjoys Diet Coke, integrating the soda into the film’s fabric.

Carhartt x Frasier

Carhartt Cuts a Dashing Figure in “Frasier” (S01E05)

In the reboot of the classic “Frasier,” Carhartt clothing gets a fashion-forward representation. Jack Cutmore-Scott’s character sports various Carhartt items, with a jacket in episode five serving as a standout piece, blending style with practicality.


As the curtain falls on another week of captivating entertainment, it’s clear that product placement continues to be a powerful tool for brands to leave a lasting impression on audiences. For companies looking to navigate the world of cinematic advertising and monitor the presence and impact of their products, offers a tailored service that tracks where, and for how long your brand shines on screen, ensuring that every moment of visibility counts.

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