Noteworthy Placements – November 16, 2023

This week, we delve into the most striking instances of product placement in the latest movies and TV shows.

In a world where brands vie for attention in every corner of our lives, the intersection of product placement and entertainment continues to evolve, becoming an art form in itself. This week, we delve into the most striking instances of product placement in the latest movies and TV shows, as analyzed by Product Placement Blog, the leading database and brand tracking service in the film and television industry. From the charm of Irish whiskey in “Power Book IV: Force” to the sophisticated sip of Martini Vermouth in “Fellow Travelers,” these placements are more than mere advertising—they’re a seamless blend of branding and storytelling. Join us as we spotlight these noteworthy integrations, offering insights into how brands are becoming integral, yet unobtrusive, parts of our favorite shows and movies.

All-Rise x Stash

Tea Time: Stash Tea in “All Rise”

In episode 18 of “All Rise” Season 3, the office kitchen became a stage for Stash Tea.

Frasier x Farmland Organic Milk

Organic Choice: Farmland Milk in “Frasier”

The reboot of “Frasier” (S01E06) offered a glimpse of modern choices with Kelsey Grammer pulling out Farmland Organic Milk from the fridge.

For All Mankind x Hilton Hotels

Lunar Luxury: Hilton Hotel in “For All Mankind”

“For All Mankind” Season 4 opened with a bang, featuring a fictional advertisement for the first Hilton Hotel on the Moon.

Bosch Legacy x Glenlivet

Whisky Wisdom: The Glenlivet in “Bosch: Legacy”

“Bosch: Legacy” (S02E10) saw Titus Welliver and Mimi Rogers enjoying The Glenlivet whisky.

The Curse x Tinder

Tinder Swipes Right in “The Curse”

“The Curse” featured Tinder in a scene where an actor demonstrated the app close-up.

Blatant Branding: Amazon in “The Killer” (2023)

Michael Fassbender interacted with the Amazon website and picked up an Amazon Prime package in “The Killer,” making it one of the most blatant product placements on this list. This scene cleverly integrated a real-life consumer experience into the film’s narrative.

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