Noteworthy Placements for the Week August 7, 2023

Past week's most notable Product Placements, as reported by

Uber Car in The Lincoln Lawyer

From explosive U-Haul trucks to thirst-quenching Fiji water, last week has served up a smorgasbord of product placements across TV shows, demonstrating how brands creatively weave their products into narratives. Join us as we dive into a roundup of the most notable product placements of the past week, as reported by From the subtlety of a Lay’s Chips cameo to the bold spotlight on Starbucks BAYA Energy Drinks, we explore the ingenious tactics used by marketers to embed brands within the viewer’s experience, often turning the mundane into something remarkable.

U-Haul’s Explosive Cameo in The Righteous Gemstones Raises Eyebrows

Not all product placements are created equal, as seen in The Righteous Gemstones season 3. This dark comedy takes an unexpected turn by using a U-Haul truck, typically associated with moving homes, for an explosive operation. The moving truck is prominently featured in episodes 8 and 9, turning this normally benign vehicle into a ticking time bomb. An unexpected and somewhat controversial placement indeed.

U-haul Moving Truck in The Righteous Gemstones
U-Haul Truck in The Righteous Gemstones

Justified: City Primeval Plays Wild Card with Wild Turkey 101

In the fourth episode of the first season of Justified: City Primeval, a subtle yet significant product placement occurs. Boyd Holbrook, portraying the ruthless criminal Clement Mansell, is seen savoring a glass of Wild Turkey 101 straight bourbon whiskey.

Wild Turkey 101 straight bourbon whiskey in Justified: City Primeval

A Sweet Ride: Nabisco’s Oreo Cookies in Reservation Dogs

Reservation Dogs‘ third season opens with blatant product placement. A character sharing Nabisco Oreo cookies on a bus ride in S3Ep1 isn’t subtle, but it does infuse a sense of familiarity and comfort. The straightforward appearance aligns well with the show’s candid storytelling.

Nabisco Oreo Cookies in Reservation Dogs

Hidden Crunch: Lay’s Chips in 61st Street

Sometimes product placement is a game of “spot it if you can.” If you blinked, you might have missed it: in the sixth episode of the second season of 61st Street, a bag of Lay’s Chips makes a subtle cameo.

Lay's Chips in 61st Street

Arriving in Style: Uber’s Clear Presence in The Lincoln Lawyer

In The Lincoln Lawyer S2Ep9, Uber’s logo isn’t just visible; it’s intentionally showcased as a character arrives for a meeting.

Uber Car in The Lincoln Lawyer

Brighten Your Kitchen: Smeg Appliances in And Just Like That…

When it comes to vibrant kitchen aesthetics, Smeg has it covered. And Just Like That… S2Ep8 displays a dazzling array of Smeg’s colorful kitchen appliances. From blenders to coffee machines, the products stand out, brightening the scene with a touch of sophistication.

Smeg Kitchen Appliances in And Just Like That…

The Afterparty Toasts to Shackleton Whisky

A character in The Afterparty season 2 shows a refined taste by choosing Shackleton Whisky at the bar. The camera unapologetically zooms in on this choice, making this product placement a definite standout and a toast to the brand.

Shackleton Whisky Blended Malt Scotch Whisky and Ketel One Vodka Bottles in The Afterparty

Starbucks BAYA Energy Drinks Energize Heels S2Ep2

Blatant and right in your face. That’s how Starbucks BAYA Energy Drinks make their appearance in Heels S2Ep2. The scene inside a gas station store doesn’t shy away from the branding, marking a clear intention to energize viewers’ attention.

Stars on Mars Brews Up Product Placement with Bruvi Coffee Makers

Stars on Mars cleverly incorporates Bruvi Coffee Makers into its narrative about celebrities simulating life on Mars. Even in a remote base camp in Coober Pedy, Australia, the characters still enjoy their coffee, thanks to Bruvi, thus cementing its place as an essential product in any environment.

Bruvi Coffee Makers in Stars on Mars

Fiji Water Quenches Thirst in The Summer I Turned Pretty S2Ep6

In the sixth episode of The Summer I Turned Pretty, Fiji Water bottles are not just seen chilling in the refrigerator. An actor drinks from it, casually yet visibly holding the bottle, making this placement a refreshing and noticeable one.

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