Noteworthy Placements of Week September 18, 2023

Whether it's a swanky car or a refreshing drink, product placements are an increasingly vital part of the cinematic and television landscape

Love at First Sight and Ritz Crackers

Whether it’s a swanky car in a high-stakes thriller or a refreshing drink in a character-driven drama, product placements are an increasingly vital part of the cinematic and television landscape. They add a layer of realism or sometimes even humor to our favorite shows and movies, catching our attention in both subtle and blatant ways. Last week was a goldmine for spotting brand integrations across various platforms. According to research data analysis by Product Placement Blog, here are the most noteworthy product placements in newly-released TV episodes and movies.

Grey Goose Glides Into The Morning Show

The third season of The Morning Show seems to be oozing with brands, but one of the most conspicuous appearances was Grey Goose Vodka. Jennifer Aniston, portraying Alexandra “Alex” Levy, was seen enjoying a glass. The placement was far from subtle, giving viewers a clear focus on the brand’s bottle.

The Morning Show and Grey Goose Vodka

Illuminating Heineken: A Neon Sign in Shortcomings

The 2023 movie Shortcomings features a Heineken neon sign in a dimly lit bar scene. The sign is so bright it’s practically the only thing visible, ensuring viewers can’t miss the Heineken brand amid the darkness.

Shortcomings and Heineken

Graphic Design Goes Mainstream: Canva in The Other Black Girl

Characters in the ninth episode of The Other Black Girl are seen visiting the Canva website to create designs. This appearance adds a touch of realism to the show, highlighting how accessible and useful this free-to-use online graphic design tool is in the real world.

The Other Black Girl and Canva

High-Stakes Driving: Mercedes-Benz GLS in Retribution

Liam Neeson plays a bank executive who receives a bomb threat while driving his Mercedes-Benz GLS in the 2023 thriller Retribution. The entire film unfolds inside this luxury vehicle, serving as a high-adrenaline, extended commercial for the car’s features and durability.

Retribution and Mercedes

The Only Beer on the Menu: Modelo in A Million Miles Away

Throughout A Million Miles Away, there was one beer brand evident – Modelo. Whether on a table or in hand, the iconic Modelo cans found their way into multiple scenes.

A Million Miles Away and Modelo

Ritz Crackers Find Love at First Sight

Haley Lu Richardson, who plays Hadley Sullivan, is seen holding a box of Ritz Crackers along with other characters throughout the film.

Love at First Sight and Ritz Crackers

Campari and Cinzano in Billions

Episode 6 of Billions‘ seventh season features both Campari Liqueur and Cinzano Vermouth bottles. Interestingly, both brands are owned by the same parent company, providing a two-for-one promotional punch in a single episode.

Billions and Campari

LaCroix Makes a Splash in Harlan Coben’s Shelter

If you’ve been following Harlan Coben’s Shelter, you may have seen LaCroix sparkling water in episode seven. Adrian Greensmith, who plays Arthur Spindell, was seen holding a pack of LaCroix in a scene that felt like a mini-commercial for the brand.

Shelter and La Croix

A Creamy Conflict: Breyers Ice Cream in Power Book IV: Force

The title “War & Ice Cream” for Power Book IV: Force S2Ep3 became all the more fitting when Joseph Sikora’s Tommy Egan indulged in Breyers Ice Cream.

Power Book IV Force and Breyer's Ice Cream

A Bitter Brew: Anchor Brewing’s Appearance in The Changeling

In a sad juxtaposition, the main characters in the fourth episode of The Changeling were seen enjoying the products of Anchor Brewing, America’s oldest craft brewery, which closed its doors two months ago after 127 years in business. As Sapporo USA delivered the saddening news, fans held onto hope that this cherished brand might find a new dawn.

The Changeling and Anchor Brewing

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