Noteworthy Placements for the Week June 19, 2023

Another weekly round of ingenious product placements seamlessly woven into popular content.

KIA EV6 in Black Mirror

Welcome to another weekly roundup of the most ingenious product placements in our favorite movies and TV shows, brought to you by Product Placement Blog. We’ve combed through the countless instances of branding to bring you the most notable examples from the past week. These instances not only entertained us but also subtly pushed their products into our consciousness. From Dell’s dominating presence in 97 Minutes to Volkswagen’s stunt show in Extraction 2, let’s dive in and explore these cleverly disguised commercials in our favorite shows and movies.

Dell Stars in 97 Minutes

Meet 97 Minutes (2023), a movie packed with Dell product placement from start to finish. In this movie, you will get up close and personal with Dell’s latest monitors and desktop computers.

Dell monitors in 97 Minutes
Dell monitors in 97 Minutes

An Inspiring Story Served with Frito-Lay and Pepsi in Flamin’ Hot

Every snack has a story, but few are as inspiring as Richard Montañez’s. Flamin’ Hot takes you on the journey of this Frito Lay janitor who turned Flamin’ Hot Cheetos into a global pop culture phenomenon. And, yes, the entire movie is a massive product placement for Frito Lay and PepsiCo. That’s what we call spicing things up!

Pepsi logo featured in Flamin' Hot
Frito-Lay chips in Flamin' Hot

Click, RSVP, Smile: Paperless Post Stars in Platonic

Episode 6 of Platonic features a modern convenience many of us are familiar with: the Paperless Post online invitation. This clever use of product placement gives a nod to the New York City-based e-commerce company that’s transforming how we send and receive invitations in the digital age.

Paperless Post Stars featured in Platonic

DXRacer Chairs in Stars on Mars

Reality TV is no stranger to product placement, and Stars on Mars S1Ep2 took it a step further with the introduction of DXRacer Gaming Chairs. After all, even the stars need a comfortable place to sit while exploring the red planet, right?

DXRacer Chairs in Stars on Mars

An Electrifying Ride with KIA EV6 in Black Mirror

Fans of Black Mirror and Annie Murphy had an electrifying surprise in S6Ep1 as she was spotted driving the innovative KIA EV6 Car. Clearly, even dystopian futures can’t resist the allure of sustainable, stylish transportation.

KIA EV6 in Black Mirror
KIA EV6 in Black Mirror

Pabst Blue Ribbon in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

In Season 16, Episode 3, we see a blatant product placement that hits the spot. Danny DeVito, who plays the character Frank Reynolds, is seen enjoying Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

Pabst Blue Ribbon in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Pabst Blue Ribbon in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Mexican Lager on Set: Dos Equis XX Beer in Mayans M.C.

The excitement of Mayans M.C. S5Ep5 was heightened by the presence of Dos Equis XX beer in several scenes. From refrigerators to bar counters, this beer placement is a masterclass in subtle marketing.

Dos Equis XX Beer bottles featured in Mayans M.C.

Heinz ‘Art Of The Burger’ Ketchup in The Other Two

Who doesn’t enjoy a tasty dinner with a dollop of Heinz ‘Art Of The Burger’ ketchup? The characters in The Other Two S3Ep8 certainly did, making this a delightful product placement for any ketchup lover out there.

Character squeezing a bottle of Heinz Ketchup in The Other Two.

Light Up the Apocalypse with Coors in The Walking Dead: Dead City

In the new spin-off, The Walking Dead: Dead City, viewers are treated to an unexpected sight amid the horror: Coors Light beer signs.

Coors neon sign in The Walking Dead: Dead City

Rev Up the Action with Volkswagen in Extraction 2

Extraction 2 spiced up its action-packed sequences with a variety of Volkswagen vehicles. From the Volkswagen Touareg SUVs to the ID.3 and even the Amarok pickup truck driven by Chris Hemsworth’s character, Tyler Rake, this movie ensured that Volkswagen’s powerful presence was felt throughout.

Volkswagen Touareg SUV in Extraction 2
Volkswagen ID.3 Car in Extraction 2
Character standing by a Volkswagen Amarok Pickup Truck in Extraction 2

So the next time you’re watching your favorite show or movie, keep an eye out for these clever product placements. They’re not just background noise; they’re part of the storytelling, shaping our perceptions and subtly influencing our choices. Welcome to the smart world of marketing!

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