Noteworthy Placements for the Week May 22, 2023

Introducing the most notable product placements of the week: LaCroix sparkling water in Succession, Karün eyewear in To Catch a Killer, Apple in XO, Kitty and more!

Product placement continues to make its mark on the world of entertainment, with clever and unexpected placements popping up in the most unlikely of settings. This week, Product Placement Blog takes a closer look at the most notable placements, starting with the hit TV series Succession, where LaCroix sparkling water steals the spotlight in a hilarious and refreshing scene. Meanwhile, Karün Eyewear collaborates with acclaimed actress Shailene Woodley to create a collection that blends style and environmental awareness and makes its presence felt in the film To Catch a Killer. Apple products become an integral part of the characters’ lives in Netflix’s XO, Kitty, while Hennessy Cognac and Bil-Jac dog food surprise viewers with unexpected appearances in White Men Can’t Jump and True Lies, respectively.

LaCroix Sparkling Water in Succession S04E08

In the latest episode of the hit TV series Succession, titled “The Numbers Game,” viewers were treated to a clever and unexpected product placement featuring LaCroix sparkling water. The scene in question involves a rather unique and comical situation involving beleaguered pollster Darwin Perry, portrayed by the talented Adam Godley.

As the tension mounts, Darwin finds himself in a predicament, with wasabi accidentally smeared over his eyes. In a humorous attempt to alleviate his discomfort, Greg, played by the charismatic Nicholas Braun, comes to the rescue, armed with a can of lightly carbonated, lemon-scented liquid – none other than LaCroix Sparkling Water.

With a hint of lemon flavor and a refreshing fizz, Greg offers the can of LaCroix as a remedy to wash out the stinging wasabi.

LaCroix Sparkling Water in The Other Two S3Ep4

LaCroix sparkling water seems to be making waves in the world of television as its refreshing presence extends beyond Succession. In the latest episode of The Other Two, specifically Season 3, Episode 4, viewers were treated to another instance of clever product placement featuring the popular beverage.

In this particular episode, a black-and-white scene unfolds, adding a touch of artistic flair to the series. However, amidst the monochrome setting, one colorful element stands out: a can of LaCroix Sparkling Water. The vibrant colors of the can contrast beautifully with the grayscale environment, grabbing the viewer’s attention and showcasing the brand in a visually striking way.

Coca-Cola Soda Bottles in Waco: The Aftermath S1Ep5

Product placement strikes again, this time in the gripping TV series Waco: The Aftermath. In a recent episode, viewers quickly spotted a familiar sight: Coca-Cola bottles prominently featured in the narrative.

Karün Women’s Glasses Worn by Shailene Woodley as Eleanor Falco in To Catch a Killer 

Acclaimed actress Shailene Woodley has teamed up with Karün to create a unique collection that embodies both style and environmental consciousness. Together, they have created a line of Karün women’s eyewear that serves as a symbol of self-expression while highlighting our intrinsic connection to nature.

In the recently released film To Catch a Killer, Shailene Woodley takes on the role of Eleanor Falco, a character with a strong sense of individuality, and wears Karün eyewear.

Karün Women’s Sunglasses on Shailene Woodley in Robots movie

It’s a week of fashion collaborations as Karün sunglasses make another stylish appearance, this time in the highly anticipated film Robots (2023). Once again, the talented actress Shailene Woodley graces the screen with these eco-friendly shades, adding a touch of sophistication to her character’s ensemble.

Apple in XO, Kitty S01

The latest romantic dramedy streaming series, XO, Kitty, has hit screens and captivated audiences with its endearing storyline and beloved characters. Created for Netflix by Jenny Han, the spin-off of the popular film series To All the Boys marks a significant milestone as the first Netflix television series to be adapted from a Netflix original film.

As viewers eagerly follow Kitty Covey’s journey to find true love, the prominent presence of Apple products throughout the show is impossible to miss. From MacBook laptops to iPhones and Apple Watches, the tech giant’s devices become an integral part of the characters’ lives and daily interactions.


Hennessy Cognac in White Men Can’t Jump (2023)

Hennessy Cognac makes a notable appearance in the recently released sports comedy White Men Can’t Jump (2023), directed by Calmatic and written by Kenya Barris, Doug Hall, and Ron Shelton.

In the scene in question, Jack Harlow, making his acting debut as Jeremy, is holding a distinctive Hennessy bottle. The brand’s logo is clearly visible, catching the viewer’s attention.

Bil-Jac Dog Food in True Lies S1Ep12

Product placement on television shows often takes the form of popular consumer brands, but sometimes a unique and unexpected placement catches our attention. In the most recent episode of True Lies, Season 1 Episode 12, viewers were treated to a fascinating example of product placement featuring Bil-Jac dog food.

True Lies, known for its suspenseful storylines and thrilling action, may seem like an unlikely setting for a dog food brand. However, this unusual placement adds an unexpected twist to the show and piques the audience’s curiosity.

Microsoft Surface Tablets in Grey’s Anatomy S19Ep20

If you watched the Season 19 finale of your favorite medical drama, you may have noticed prominent product placement of Microsoft Surface tablets throughout the episode. The sleek and versatile devices made their mark on the hospital environment, seamlessly integrating into the lives of our beloved characters.

In the final episode of Season 19, Microsoft Surface tablets were cleverly woven into the storyline, highlighting their practicality and effectiveness in a fast-paced healthcare environment. From surgeons using the tablets to access patient records and view medical images, to physicians using the tablets for research and collaboration, Surface tablets were an essential tool that increased the efficiency and productivity of the staff at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Now, with the exciting news that Grey’s Anatomy has been renewed for a twentieth season, we can’t help but wonder if Microsoft Surface tablets will continue to be featured in upcoming episodes. With the show constantly evolving and embracing the latest trends, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the characters continue to rely on these cutting-edge devices to push the boundaries of medical technology in the next season.

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