Noteworthy Placements for Week June 12, 2023

Whether they're casually blended into the background or proudly placed front and center, these products have managed to make an impression!

Applebee’s Restaurant in The Other Two

From sandwich shops to hot sauce, tech gadgets to tequila, product placements in TV shows and movies can be as memorable as the storylines themselves. According to the latest data from Product Placement Blog, these subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) inclusions were particularly prominent in this week’s new releases. In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the most notable examples of product placement that caught our attention. Whether they’re casually blended into the background or proudly placed front and center, these products have managed to make an impression on viewers and subtly remind us of their presence in our daily lives. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at these fascinating examples of product placement!

Subway Sandwiches Star in Shooting Stars

The popular Subway sandwiches made a guest appearance in Shooting Stars (2023). One of the actors was seen enjoying this fast food treat in his own home.

Character having a sub from Subway in Shooting Stars

Swensons Drive-In: Frequent Sight in Shooting Stars

If you’ve seen Shooting Stars, you may have noticed Swenson’s Drive-In Restaurant popping up in several scenes. Seeing our beloved eateries make their way onto the big screen is always a pleasure.

Swenson's Drive-In Restaurant featured in Shooting Stars

Buddy Games: Spring Awakening – Party with Bud Light Beer

Who would have thought that Buddy Games: Spring Awakening (2023) would feature a beach party with Bud Light beer? It may have been blatant product placement, but it certainly added an authentic touch to the festive scene.

Bud Light Beer in Buddy Games: Spring Awakening

Starbucks Coffee Fuels the Office Vibes in Platonic S1Ep5

Our favorite supplier of caffeine, Starbucks, made a vivid appearance in Platonic S1Ep5. In a blatant product placement, the cast enjoys their Starbucks coffee at the office, mirroring our own coffee routines.

Character drinking Starbucks Coffee in Platonic

Keurig Coffee Maker: A Recurring Star in High Desert

Keep an eye out for the Keurig coffee maker in the High Desert office scene. This brand of coffee maker often appears in various TV shows.

Keurig Coffee Maker featured in High Desert

A Google Infusion in Based on a True Story S1

Based on a True Story S1 is littered with Google’s digital presence. From Google Pixel phones to the Google web search engine to Google podcasts, these elements were scattered throughout the first season.

Character searching on Google in Based on a True Story
Google Pixel phone in Based on a True Story

Microsoft Surface Laptops: A Staple in Never Have I Ever S4

In the fourth season of Never Have I Ever, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi Vishwakumar and other characters are seen prominently using Microsoft Surface laptops, an unmistakable product placement throughout the season.

Microsoft Surface Laptop featured in Never Have I Ever

ZOA Energy Drinks: Fully Stocked in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia S16Ep1

Look at the refrigerator in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia S16Ep1. It’s stocked with ZOA Energy Drink packages and cans.

ZOA Energy Drinks in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Applebee’s Restaurant: A Show Within a Show in The Other Two S3Ep7

An intriguing scene from The Other Two S3Ep7 features the filming of another show. Inside a studio, an Applebee’s restaurant has been recreated where all the action takes place.

Applebee’s Restaurant in The Other Two

Corona Extra Beer: Keeping Traditions Alive in Fast X

The legendary Corona Extra beer continues its iconic run in the Fast & Furious franchise with its appearance in Fast X (2023). This product placement is as legendary as the franchise itself!

Corona Extra Beer in Fast X

Charlize Theron Speeds Up in a DeLorean Alpha5 in Fast X

Get ready for electric speed! Charlize Theron, in her role as Cipher in Fast X, drives the stunning DeLorean Alpha5, an upcoming electric sports car.

DeLorean Alpha5 in Fast X

Frank’s RedHot Sauce: Hot On-Screen and Off-Screen

In The Other Two S3Ep7, the famous Frank’s RedHot sauce was spotted on the restaurant table, adding a touch of spice to the scene. Interestingly, this hot sauce made another appearance in Fast X. Looks like it’s becoming a hot commodity in Hollywood!

Frank's RedHot sauce on a restaurant table in The Other Two
Frank's RedHot sauce on a scene from The Other Two

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