Noteworthy Product Placements for May 8, 2023

Welcome to this week’s edition of the most interesting spotted examples of product placement, brought to you by Product Placement Blog. In the world of entertainment, product placement continues to captivate audiences and provide unique opportunities for brands to gain exposure. From television shows to romantic movies, here are some standout examples from the past week.

Budweiser Beer Cans in Barry S4Ep4

In the fourth episode of the fourth season of the HBO series Barry, there is a notable product placement for Budweiser beer cans. The placement occurs in a scene where one of the characters opens a refrigerator and several cans of Budweiser are prominently displayed on one of the shelves.

LaCroix Beverage Enjoyed by Jeremy Strong in Succession S4Ep6

In the latest episode of the hit TV series Succession, viewers may have noticed a subtle product placement featuring LaCroix sparkling water. Actor Jeremy Strong, who plays Kendall Roy, can be seen drinking a can of the beverage during a scene in the episode.

Manhattan Brewing Company Cans in Somebody Somewhere S2Ep2

The second episode of the second season of Somebody Somewhere features cans from the Manhattan Brewing Company.

In the scene, the main characters enjoy a game of poker while sipping Manhattan Brewing Co. As the characters indulge in their favorite pastime, the camera takes a moment to zoom in on the beer cans, making sure the audience gets a good look at the product.

Old Navy Store Bags, Bounty Toilet Paper, and Swiffer WetJet Wood Floor Starter Kit for Hardwood in Renfield

In the highly anticipated 2023 film Renfield, viewers may have noticed a few blatant product placements scattered throughout the film. In one particular scene, Nicholas Hoult’s character, Renfield, is seen holding Old Navy paper bags, Bounty toilet paper, and Swiffer cleaning products, all in one shot.

Bollinger Champagne Bottle in White House Plumbers S1Ep1

In the premiere episode of White House Plumbers, viewers were treated to a prime example of spotted product placement. During a scene in which the main characters were having a discussion, a bottle of Bollinger Champagne was prominently displayed on the table. The characters were shown enjoying a glass of champagne with the label clearly visible to the audience.

Bumpboxx Bluetooth Boombox in Space Oddity

The Bumpboxx Bluetooth Boombox made a memorable product placement in the 2022 film Space Oddity. The iconic boombox with its nostalgic design managed to transport the audience back to the 80s and added an extra layer of depth to the overall atmosphere of the movie.

Ruffles Potato Chips in Gotham Knights S1Ep7

In episode 7 of the first season of the television show Gotham Knights, viewers may notice a subtle product placement for Ruffles potato chips. During a scene where the team is waiting for an art thief, the character Cullen is seen snacking on a bag of Ruffles chips.

ADT Alarm in The Rookie S5Ep22

The Season 5 finale of the television series The Rookie features a mention of ADT Alarm that serves as an example of verbal product placement. While ADT Alarm is not seen visually in the episode, it is referenced in a conversation between the characters.

Verbal product placement is a common tactic used in television shows and movies where a brand or product is mentioned in dialogue to increase brand awareness and potentially drive sales. In the case of ADT Alarm, the mention in The Rookie may encourage viewers to consider the brand for their own home security needs.

Chime VISA Debit Card in Beautiful Disaster

In the 2023 film Beautiful Disaster, viewers can see a product placement of the Chime VISA debit card. The scene shows the character Abby Abernathy, portrayed by Virginia Gardner, using her Chime card to purchase food from a street vendor.

Pasquale Bruni Jewelry in Mafia Mamma

The recently released movie Mafia Mamma features a product placement for Pasquale Bruni Jewelry, a luxury Italian jewelry brand. In the film, the character Kristin, portrayed by Toni Collette, wears pieces from the Pasquale Bruni collection, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to her character’s wardrobe.

This is not the first time that Pasquale Bruni jewelry has been featured in a major motion picture. The brand was also spotted in the 2022 film Marry Me starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson.

Reese’s Pieces in The Other Two S3Ep1

In a prime example of blatant product placement, the first episode of season 3, The Other Two, features Reese’s Pieces. The scene unfolds as Lance, one of the main characters, casually mentions his craving for Reese’s Pieces. Without missing a beat, Pat, another character, simply tweets about it, and like magic, free candy arrives on her doorstep.

CarMax Used Vehicle Retailer Website in Walker S3Ep17

Viewers are introduced to CarMax, a well-known used car retailer, in the 17th episode of the third season of the hit TV series Walker. The show incorporates CarMax into its storyline, highlighting its convenience and wide selection of used vehicles.

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