Noteworthy Placements for the Week April 24, 2023

Product placement has become an increasingly popular marketing strategy for brands looking to reach a wider audience. From TV shows to movies, it’s hard to watch anything without noticing some form of product placement. In the past week, there have been some particularly interesting examples of product placement in various forms of media. From Skittles in Barry to Google in Yellowjackets, these placements are not only a way for brands to get exposure but also add to the authenticity and realism of the scenes. So let’s take a closer look at some of the most notable examples of product placement spotted by Product Placement Blog over the past week.

Skittles Candies in Barry S4Ep2

In the second episode of the fourth season of the popular TV series Barry, viewers may have noticed a prominent appearance by Skittles candies. The colorful candies appeared in a product placement, adding a playful and lighthearted touch to the otherwise intense and dramatic show.

Dirty Potato Chips in Grand Crew S2Ep7

In Grand Crew S02E07, viewers may have noticed a prime example of product placement in the form of Dirty Potato Chips. While the brand may be hard to see at first glance, the logo is prominently displayed and shining in the light. The reflection catches the eye and makes it clear that the characters are enjoying a bag of Dirty Potato Chips.

Coors Beer Signs in Waco: The Aftermath S1Ep1

In Waco: The Aftermath, the first episode contains several scenes with Coors beer signs, which some viewers may interpret as a blatant example of product placement.

Baskin-Robbins in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Movie

Baskin-Robbins has made its presence felt once again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with its latest appearance in the recently released Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania movie.

Airbnb in Family Guy S21Ep17

It’s interesting to see product placement extend beyond live-action movies and TV shows, as evidenced by Airbnb’s recent cameo on the animated series Family Guy. In Season 21, Episode 17, viewers caught a glimpse of the popular home-sharing platform on the show.

Lexus Cars in A Million Little Things S5Ep11 and in Bel-Air S2Ep9

Lexus cars have recently been featured in the television shows A Million Little Things and Bel-Air, with product placement acknowledged in the credits of both shows. While some viewers may view product placement in a negative light, it’s important to remember that it can help offset production costs and generate additional revenue for the show. The inclusion of Lexus cars in these shows can also add to the authenticity and realism of the scenes, especially when used to reflect the lifestyle and personalities of the characters.

Fritos Chips in American Auto S2Ep13

In Season 2, Episode 13 of the popular TV show American Auto, viewers may have noticed a not-so-subtle product placement for Fritos chips. The scene shows one of the show’s actors enjoying a bag of the popular snack.

British Knights Sneakers in Mrs. Davis S1Ep3 and S1Ep4

Viewers of the new TV show Mrs. Davis may have noticed a blatant product placement for BK Footwear, also known as British Knights, in episodes 3 and 4 of the first season. The show features several characters wearing the brand’s sneakers, and the camera lingers on the shoes in several shots.

Budweiser Beer Sign in The Big Door Prize S1Ep6

In the sixth episode of The Big Door Prize, viewers may have noticed a Budweiser beer sign prominently displayed in the background of a scene. The sign features the iconic red and white Budweiser logo, making it instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with the brand. The bright and eye-catching design of the sign is likely to have attracted attention, even if it was only in the background of a scene.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream in Pretty Stoned

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has once again found its way onto the big screen, this time in the 2023 film Pretty Stoned.

While some viewers may see this as blatant product placement, it’s worth noting that Ben & Jerry’s has a long history of appearing in movies and TV shows. According to the Product Placement Blog, the brand has been seen in many movies and TV shows, including popular titles such as Miss Congeniality and Friends.

Google in Slip S1Ep2 and in Yellowjackets S2Ep5

In Slip S1Ep2, Google appears as the go-to search engine for one of the characters. They use it to research information on a particular topic, showing how integrated Google has become in our everyday lives.

Similarly, in Yellowjackets S2Ep5, Google is featured when one of the characters uses the search engine to look up information. This product placement not only adds to the realism of the show but also reinforces Google’s position as the world’s most popular search engine.

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