Product Placement Offers Benefits That Movie Producers Can Take to the Bank

Heineken and James Bond placement in Skyfall

When James Bond spent seven seconds sipping a Heineken in Skyfall, the Dutch beer company was all too happy to spend $45 million for it. Forget a skyfall; that’s a windfall for producers who want to offset a chunk of their production costs. 

It’s no secret that making movies is expensive. The average major studio movie costs around $65 million — and that doesn’t include the additional $35 million that’s typically spent on distribution and marketing. And those are just averages. Adjusted for today’s inflation, Academy Award-winning Titanic cost a whopping $200 million to make. That’s more than the original ship itself. 

More than ever, product placement helps movie producers offset their costs, resulting in a $23 billion industry in 2022. (source) 

Even if they’re far below Titanic-sized budgets, movie production costs keep going up — partially because producers want to bring the very best creative vision to life, and partially because of things beyond their control. COVID protocols add roughly 5% to the total budget, while inflation has increased raw materials’ price by 25-30%.  

Featuring products in your movie in exchange for valuable brand dollars is nothing new: 

  • Nearly a century ago, Wings — and all of its Hershey’s chocolate bar-eating characters — won an Academy Award. (source 
  • In 1982, E.T. wasn’t just a blockbuster movie; it also landed a blockbuster $1 million product placement deal with Reese’s Pieces. (source 
  • In 2013, Man of Steel’s producers took product placement to new heights by featuring over 100 brands in exchange for $160 million. (source) 

In the film industry, you either sizzle or fizzle. Product Placement gives producers an opportunity to fund and create their true artistic creative vision. 

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