How BENLabs Helped Filmmakers Tell a Powerful Story with Product Placement Dollars

Character on the Zillow website in Dead to Me

Inspired filmmakers set out to put their unique spin on a reimagining of a cult classic film that appealed to younger audiences. The remake sparked interest from various production studios and streamers, but the filmmakers needed more funds to bring their project to fruition. And, they needed to instill confidence in current financiers that their existing investment would pay off, and soon. Knowing product placement was an authentic way to bring brands into the narrative, the filmmakers looked to BENLabs to make this happen.  

Aligning Products to the Creative Vision  

BENlabs’ VP of Brand Integration Will Park and his team of seasoned industry experts dug into the film’s script to see which brands would align well with the storyline. The goal was to create an authentic integration and work with fellow colleagues to source potentially interested brands. 

“The film has incredible content and a lot of brands raised their hands to participate,” Will said. “For us, we’re not going to shoehorn brands into a film. It’s all about finding the right fit for the production and the brand.” 

Because the film had a young target audience, there were a number of brands that naturally fit into the story, most notably snack and technology products. It’s no secret that young people especially enjoy a good snack and trendy phone app, so brands with these products could more authentically weave them into the storyline to enhance the film, not distract viewers.  

Bringing a Vision to Life, Faster 

Working with BENlabs empowered filmmakers to bring their creative vision to life—faster than would have been possible without product placement brand dollars. With the extra capital, filmmakers worked faster to secure additional talent both in front of and behind the camera. Additionally, they shot the film in their desired city, rather than compromising the film’s setting by filming in a city with better tax incentives.   

“You always hear about art imitating life and when reimagining films, that’s exactly what happens,” said Will. “This project helped make the filmmakers’ vision a reality and integrated several brands into a compelling piece of content.” 

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