Data Analysis

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3 tips for a successful marketing mix modeling strategy

Navigating privacy changes and complex marketing landscapes using Marketing Mix Modeling.

Cannes Lions 2023

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Cannes Lions 2023 wrap-up: What mattered—and what didn’t—to marketers this year

Discover the dominant themes and discussions from Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2023.

Scene from Entergalactic

Production Insights

Entergalactic Brings to Life New York City as Concept Art

Netflix's Entergalactic creatively blends 2D and 3D stylization to bring New York City to life through color and artistic design.

Manolo Blahnik Fashion Designer Shopping Bag Held by Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City

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Getting product placement past a cynical audience

From verbal mentions to AI-driven visual placements, subtlety is key to influencing skeptical audiences.

Doritos Flamin Hot Nacho flavored tortilla chips enjoyed by Paris Berelc as Vivian (V) in 1UP

The real movie stars this season are … products?

As more brands take on starring roles, let's explore the evolution of product placement in films.

Julie-J plus Podcast eyebrow

For The (sub)Culture – Drag with Julie J

Julie J explains that drag is an imagining of a new way of living.

Cannes Lions Awards

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For Ad Tech, Cannes This Year Is All Business

Ad-tech firms at Cannes Lions 2023 are aiming to secure deals and navigate economic challenges.

Frito Lay chips in Flamin' Hot

Production Insights

Flamin’ Hot Is Not Exactly a True Story, But It Gets Chicano Culture Right

Flamin' Hot: Richard Montañez's personal journey from janitor to executive, set against the backdrop of Chicano culture.

Cartoon Network logo

Brand Insights

How Cartoon Network is using its brand power to educate kids on climate change

The Formula E racing team and the TV channel hope to educate the next generation on how they can protect the planet.

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